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Since 1993, the Alpha Association of Indiana Phi Beta Kappa has offered the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for High School Juniors.  Recipients are the outstanding junior student chosen by each Marion County and other sponsored high schools.  Each recipient will receive a letter of congratulations in May.  In the fall, this year’s award winners will be invited to a reception in their honor hosted by Alpha Association at which they will be presented with a certificate of recognition and a gift certificate for $100 to a local bookstore.  The students will be invited to bring a school guidance counselor or an instructor to the reception in addition to their parents.  Alpha Association developed the criteria for the award to reflect criteria similar to that used at the collegiate level for Phi Beta Kappa selection.


High schools were contacted in March, 2012, and are requested to submit their candidates by April 23, 2012 to or 

The 2012 reception will be held September 20, 2012.  All Phi Beta Kappa alumni are welcome to attend, and members of the Alpha Association are strongly encouraged to attend these events.


The 2011 recipients were announced at the May 2011 annual meeting and a reception was held in their honor on Sept. 20, 2011, at the Woodstock Club. 



Alpha Association of Indiana Phi Beta Kappa seeks to recognize for academic and intellectual achievement one outstanding student in the junior class of each Marion County secondary school, including accredited IPS, surrounding township, and private and parochial institutions.




Selected students

-          demonstrate intellectual integrity and accomplishment in a broad range of academic disciplines

-          demonstrate a commitment to the liberal arts and sciences (humanities, social sciences, mathematical, and natural sciences)

-          must be in the top 10% of their class, usually with a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA

-          must be embarked upon an in-depth college preparation program  (normally Indiana Core 40, often with Academic Honors or the International Baccalaureate).


Usually, they will be concluding the following (prior to beginning their senior year):

                        - Three years of academic English

                        - Three years of history / geography / government

                        - Three years of mathematics

                        - Three years of science (one must be a lab science)

                        - Two or more years of foreign language study

                        - At least one elective in fine arts.


The student should also show evidence of leadership and/or participatory qualities.  These factors should influence the decision in the case of ties.


AWARDS:     An award certificate and a gift certificate to a local bookstore.


List of High School Juniors 2011


Breann Cooper                     Donovan Whitney                

Beech Grove High School                        Lawrence North High School


Johnathon Lowery                Rebecca Lutz

Ben Davis High School                           Lutheran High School


Christopher C. Shrack         Arielle Rose Johnson           

Bishop Chatard High School                   North Central High School


Henry Gregor                        Rebecca Chen

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School           Park Tudor School


Kelsey Blake                          Amanuel Kibrom

Cardinal Ritter High School                    Pike High School


Grace Hendrickson               Alexa Biddle

Cathedral High School                           Roncalli High School


Grace Hertz                           Kathryn Chappell                

Heritage Christian School                      Southport High School


Megan G. Bridgewater         Casey Miller  

Herron High School                                 Speedway High School


William H. Overhauser         Lauren Pfeifer

International School of Indiana                               Tri-West High School


Meredith Varie                      Emily Moe

                Lawrence Central High School               Westfield High School


We appreciate the following Alpha Chapter members whose financial generosity makes possible these awards:

                                                                2011-2012 Alpha Association

                                                                Contributing Members

        Jane & Steven Beering                    Caterina Blitzer                        Loraine Cox           

        Walter Daly                                     Alan Gillespie                         Carol Kourany

        Barbara Kulsrud                              Eugene (Ned) Lamkin, Jr.       David Moore, M.D.

Sarah McNaught                             Peggy J. Naile                         Jerry Stumpf

        Richard A. Warne


                                                  Scholastic Sponsors

        Holly Banta Tri-West                      Trudy Banta                            Jane & Steven Beering

Robert Christian                              Brent & Elaine Eckhart            Donald Hughes Herron Ann Hunt                                        

Michelle Kahlo Brebeuf                  Wendy Meaden

Carillon Moak                                 George & Christine Plews      Kenneth Renkens

        Amy Jones Richardson   Sabine Jessner Sehlinger         Marcella Slabosky

        Mary Miller Stanley                       Joel E. Tragesser Westfield      Rosalie Vermette




List of High School Juniors 2010


Shelby Dartis                        Samir Reddigari                   

Arlington High School                             Lawrence North High School


Mary Ann Kiess                    Sarah Reifeis

Beech Grove High School                       Lutheran High School


Frederick A. Olaleye             Patrick O’Neil Miner           

Ben Davis High School                            North Central High School


Kathleen M. Shaughnessy    Samuel Clarke

Bishop Chatard High School                   Park Tudor School


Andy Bayt                              Alison Renee Switzer               

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School           Perry Meridian High School


Emily Metallic                        Caitlin Barringer

Cardinal Ritter High School                   Pike High Schooll


Lilly Delalande                      Matthew Blandford             

Cathedral High School                           Roncalli High School


Stephanie Rosa                      Holly Hightower       

Franklin Central High School Southport High School


Lynnette Sauer                      Rachel Anne Aust

Heritage Christian School                        Speedway High School


Millicent Crowder                 Amy Wardle

                Herron High School                               Tri-West High School


Hannah E. Klion                   Hannah Springer

International School of Indianapolis       Warren Central High School


Bryan Rust                            Omotoke Odimayomi

Lawrence Central High School                Westfield High School




List of High School Juniors 2009

High School Name

Student Name

Arlington High School

Leanna Level

Beech Grove High School

Andrew Davis

Ben Davis High School

James Moody

Bishop Chatard High School

Robert Wagner

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

Alexander Gault

Cathedral High School

Jennifer Collins

Decatur Central High School

Robin Catania

Franklin Central High School

Scott Kennedy

Heritage Christian School

Elizabeth Gentry

Lawrence Central High School

Bonnie Arbuckle

Lawrence North High School

Lauren Gunderson

Lutheran High School

Sarah Fix

Emmerich Manual High School

AnnDrea Butler

North Central High School

Joseph L. Haskins III

Park Tudor School

Neena Parikh

Perry Meridian High School

Samuel Riggleman

Pike High School

Sam Weinberg

Cardinal Ritter High School

Elizabeth Witek

Roncalli High School

Kassandra Owens

Scecina Memorial High School

Brandon Douglas

Speedway High School

Jacob Daghe

Tri-West High School

Sarah Morton

Warren Central High School

Andrew McLaren

Westfield High School

Henna Patel

The Alpha Association of Indiana, Phi Beta Kappa extends congratulations to the recipients.  Our sincerest appreciation and thanks to the following members whose financial support makes possible the activities of the chapter.


2009-2010 Alpha Association

Contributing Members

                                    Jane and Steve Beering           Sarah W. McNaught               Jennifer Sinclair

                                    Loraine Cox                            Carillon Cargill Moak             Mary Stanley

                                    Elaine and Brent Eckhart        George and Christine Plews   Richard A. Warne

                                    Virginia Gamble

Scholastic Sponsors

                                    Holiday W. Banta (Tri-West)              Amy Jones Richardson

                                    Trudy W. Banta                                  Michelle Kahlo (Brebeuf)

                                    Merrill and Marlene Benson               Kenneth Renkens

                                    Robert T. Christian                             Sabine Jessner Sehlinger

                                    Suzanne K. Earnhart                           Jerry L Stumpf

                                    Lisa Hendrickson                                Joel Tragesser (Westfield)

                                    Donald Hughes(Center Grove)           Rosalie Vermette

                                    Ann H. Hunt



A reception to honor recipients was held on Thursday, September 23, 2008 at 7:00 p.m., at the Woodstock Club (1301 W. 38th St., Indpls., IN). All members are encouraged to attend.


List of High School Juniors 2008

High School Name

Student Name

Arlington High School

Jasmine Page

Beech Grove High School

Anna Quimby

Bishop Chatard High School

Ruth Maust

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

Todd Pierson

Broad Ripple High School

Sean Kaeliner

Cathedral High School

Lauren Dedinsky

Center Grove High School

Meredith Magjuka

Heritage Christian School

Jeremy Height

Lawrence Central High School

Jarrod Scott Hunnicutt

Lawrence North High School

Nathan Kassebaum

Lutheran High School

Ben Lutz

Emmerich Manual High School

Christopher J. Rudolph

North Central High School

Katherine Horn

Northwest High School

Appelles Johnson

Park Tudor School

Erin Biel

Perry Meridian High School

Katie Felix

Pike High School

Andrew Johns

Roncalli High School

Curtis Vercruysse

Scecina Memorial High School

Hanna Abigail Foor

Southport High School

Hannah Sewall

Speedway High School

Zachary Hunt

Tri-West High School

Clair Shaw

Warren Central High School

Adria Steuer

Westfield High School

Shelby Blaingame